Promote production automation, pre-load quantitative weighing scale


Because of the high cost,low accuracy and efficiency by manual bagging. At the same time, the health of operators is affected. The traditional manual bagging method has been gradually eliminated.

In order to solve the problem and improve the level of automation, the application of weighing scale has been paid attention.

How to choose weighing scale?

Problems in actual production

There are many kinds of products

Frequent refilling is required, and the volume of materials with different density is different,so the height of clamping bag needs to be customized

High quality requirements

Need to ensure accurate bagging weight

Large capacity demand

Qualified filling speed required

Thinkstron weighing scale,from 5 aspects of optimization, to provide customers a better solution.


1、simple structure

Quick release handle, feeding pipe can be pulled up, motor with waterproof cover


Easy installation,washable.

Change material+cleaning time

within 20 minutes.

2、filling unit

Automatic control,stepping motor


Advantage:High-speed bagging

capacity,20 bags/min at 25kg/bag.

3、weighing unit

Single load cell

Advantage:automatic metering

make filling easy,fast,accurate

and safe,Accuracy:±10g

4、Operation interface

7-Inch Touch Screen


changeovers can be handled by

simply making a single menu


5、Bag clamping unit

Wire drawing material,can be


Reduce material remain.Can handle various type of bulk material.Can

be customized and engineered to

your specifications.


It is designed to operate in a wide range of industries such as food, feed, chemicals and building materials.

Especially suitable for

· Products requiring high-speed filling and accuracy weighing

· Production line with various products which frequently changed

· Enterprises hoping to save production costs